Chaos Sentinel Update

Here's a few updated pics of the Chaos Sentinel. The spikes from the base were transplanted to the Sentinel since having the same material in two different places might look confusing. The base will have a toxic wastelands theme, littered with rubble and sealed in a coat of resin. The idea is to make it look like the Sentinels are treading and dredging through rough terrain to flank their enemies.

 Small gauge wire was added around the spikes and corpse.

The next step is to define the spikes some more (so they don't look so much like sprue chunks) and maybe some more brackets on the wire for added detail, but for the most part the chassis is complete. I don't want to bog it down with too much chaos-y stuff (I'm resisting the urge at least).

Time to break out the dremel and make this guy look a little meaner!

Thanks for reading :)


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