Tutorials and campaign rules

I'm currently working on updating the Escilation campaign rules and if I have time I'll make a pdf for it. You can find the rules to the right. The big challenge is trying to implament a fair and balanced point system. This will allow people who play and participate more often more points, yet still allow those who aren't there as much to still have a fighting chance.

As for tutorials I have Blood Angels speed painting almost finished and some more pinning guides. I also have two troop conversions in the works I think you'll enjoy.

KoS - pinning and GS

Working with pewter has been a learning experience. One thing I learned is don't try to take shortcuts if you want your models to stay in one piece lol.

With that said I invested some time researching different pinning techniques. One thing I learnes is a pin vice is much better for pilot hole drilling than a multi-speed dremel on low setting. It's made the drilling process ten times easier and faster (not to mention the model isn't getting hot from friction anymore).

Tools used
  • Hobby knife
  • Super glue
  • Pin Vice (hand drill)
  • wire brush
  • small clippers
  • metal push pins
  • Green Stuff epoxy

Out of all my models this guy has been quite a p.i.t.a. lol. He refuses to stay glued and is fairly unstable. A little pinning will fix that right up :)

The claw arms have already been pinned so now it's on to the more difficult ones. The slight problem with his sword arm is it's set at a weird angle and pushes against his head lol. I started by drilling a small pilot hole with the pin vice and then gluing the pin in place.

I drilled the hole and marked it around a quarter inch. I just need it to be deep enough to join the pieces without weakening it's structural integrity.

A dry fit. These small push pins are great since they are very stiff and gives you something to hold on to. Depending on the model I'll keep the point on and wedge it into a model creating a very snug fit.

For this arm, though, I cut of the tip to keep it flush.

Once the glue dried I cut the pin head off

This is the original pose of the hand. He's doing a "bang-you're-dead" or something. Meh, it's alright, but I think it would look cooler to rotate the wrist and make it look like he's taunting his prey.

Dry fit in place. The wrist has a slight bend which I think adds a little to the theme of the model.

With the glue almost dry I worked some Green Stuff into the wrist. This helped to keep it firmly in place

That's better. A little green stuff goes a long way

With everything in place I ran a hole through the shoulder.

Finally a dry fit for the arm. It fit nicely and just needs a little gs to clean it all up.

There you have it. Pretty simple yet very effective. I finished up pinning all the arms and all that's left is some simple basing then priming.

Chaos Daemons page added

Another quick update. I added a side banner for my Chaos Daemons army. Right now it's pretty simple, but I will over complicate expand on it soon.

The page will feature an image gallery, progression, story lines, and..well..anything relating to them lol.

EITMC update

Armies FAQ Pictures Rules Schedules

I added a side banner to help navigate through this section. Eventually I'll have a new site banner up, but I'm too lazy busy :)

Also, I'll start building up army pages for myself and friends participating in the EITMC. Any suggestions/comments are very appreciated

Creed n Kell primed

We're starting an escalation League here soon and it sounds pretty fun. I haven't participated in one before, but to my understanding we start at a low point army and add to it every week. This gives us a good reason to start painting a 2000 point army. With the majority of us new to escalation it'll be a little flexible this time as to WYSIWYG and probably at least table top quality on our armies.

As for my army, the Chaos Daemons are going along nicely. I've been focusing on getting the HQs cleaned up and ready for priming. This may sound fairly simple, but I assure you it's been a rather tedious process. All the models, aside from being pewter, are not cooperating in the assemble stage and required a little pinning and gap filling. It's been a slow process, but I enjoy it and it's turning out better than I expected. I'll do another post about each HQ.

The Emperor's Champion

Originally I was going to make him part of a scenery piece, but I decided on painting him instead. He's just to cool a figure to be a statue lol. I'm debating on the color scheme, though, since I'm trying to make a TinBitz themed army.

Creed and Kell

Started on these guys for a friend of mine. They each have great detail and I'm looking forward to painting them. I was going to put Kell (standard bearer) on a platform as well but decided against it. I think it will look better to have Creed showing off his pose elevated a bit while Kell gets a normal scenic base.