Soul Grinder 5: OSL (2)

The OST (Object Source Lighting) was turning out nicely, but I felt it needed more. After digging through many tutorials and such, I felt I should add more to the model. Here are the results.

I went back over the slightly glowing areas with Ultra Marines blue again. This time I took a little more care in trying to get over the model more. After that I worked a few layers up to Ice blue to a little skull white.

The plan from here is to get everything else finished on the body then go back and add some more OSL in the areas that need it like the sword arm. Once I get that done the model will be nearly done.

I might not play this guy in anything but tournaments depending on how it turns out. My plan is to use the other SG body in games until I finish my Nurgle Plague Grinder. That will give me two of these torsos and one I made myself, so I'll be able to switch them out accordingly.

A friend of mine suggested making a seperate base to turn the third body into a Daemon Prince. I'm not sure how I could accomplish this, but it sounds intriguing. It would at least add to the options of the army :)

It's turning out nicely. My only complaint is I don't like to drybrush too often if I can avoid it, as it can make the area look fuzzy. Still this has started off nicely so I'm looking forward to honing the technique on other models.

Soul Grinder 4: OSL

I've always wanted to try OSL (Object Source Lighting). The technique involves painting from a single or multiple light source to replicate a "glowing effect." The easiest way to find the light source is aim a spot light at your object to see the natural highlights and shadows and mimic the effect.

Since Washing the model I started with a watered down Ultra Marines blue followed by a very light dry brush of the same color. From this point I'll start adding finer details using ice blue and mixing up to a little skull white.

The Sword effect is borrowed from the GW version. I was originally going to paint it a green glow, but I'll save that for the nurgle stuff. The blue effect ties in with the model's eyes and sword's hilt blue glow.

Soul Grinder 3: Washing (again)

I wasn't too fond of how the first wash came out. The Baal Red and Ogryn flesh started out alright adding a nice redness to the muscle/sinew areas, but it still lacked the dark contrast I was hoping for. Normally I wash models heavily with dark inks to get good contrast but I was trying a different method.

After asking some friends at DakkaDakka they convinced me to darken it up some more. With another wash of Devlin Mud to the entire body and some of the metal bits on the claw arm things were looking up for the metallic heathon. I followed up by inking a few of the darker areas with badab black. The end result turned out much better and gave it the contrast it needs to make the highlights "pop"

The picture you see doesn't have any highlights to it. I turned the backlight off and adjusted the image to increase the contrast a little more. This is much closer to the result I'm hoping for.

I wish I could say I was done basing the upper body, but I'm not lol. I still have to go back and clean up some missed areas. Once that's complete I'll give those spots the finishing touches then I'll be ready to add some highlights.

Soul Grinder 2: Washing

With most of the basing complete I started washing with Ogryn Flesh.

The Sword I based Tin Bitz and washed in Devlin Mudd followed by Ashren Blue. I started to add some blue detail to the weapon as well though it's sort of hard to tell lol.

I applied a light wash of Baal Red to the "stretched" areas of the skin (right pectoral muscle). I saw a few artists paint their Soul Grinders using a similar technique and they turned out fantastic.

This has been a fun model to paint. It's not only big but also has a lot of different details to it which makes it a challenge. Next part to paint is the claw arm and metal details. Once that's complete I'll move to the fine details.

Soul Grinder 1: Base Coat

We all had a great time over at Crunch's place this weekend. He's moving into the new house in a few weeks, so it was probably our last time hanging out at the old house. Man, almost ten years of partying over there sure has been some good time (I sure hope the new owners can get all those stains out!) Ah memories!

Ahem... where was I... oh yeah

~ ~ ~SOULGRINDER pt I ~ ~ ~

Most of the basing is done on the torso. All that's left are the metal bits and some touch up and he'll be ready for a wash.

Still trying to decide on how to paint the claw arm. I want to keep the machinery detail and armor detail seperate, so I'll probably do a pure coat of Boltgun Metal on the pistons/bolts, TinBitz (woot) on the daemon armor pieces and rivets, and a washed out boltgun metal on the other parts (to make it look like iron).

Tin bitz banner III: Need some input

I'm working on a new banner for the site and had a few things in mind.

I was doodling the other night and thought of a panoramic scene with a lot of smoke in the background. Through the smoke you can see the space marines eyes glowing and their silhouettes closer they approach. In the middle of the image would be a Captain in Termie honors (looking pretty mean). His retinue would be appearing around him coming towards the viewer.

The "T" on his standard will be the icon for the blog. The color scheme I'm thining of is a combination of pearl white for the armor, TinBitz for the trim, and a dark red as a secondary.

This second one I was looking at an image from the Rule book of Ultra Marines vs. Orks. I'm think of rather than fighting orks they could be fighting current pop-icons like the cast of Avatar, Twilight, and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Tom Cruz, and Kanye West to name a few.

There you have it, just two sketches I'm experimenting with. Once I decide on more specific details I'll post the follow up images.

Testing the RSS feed.

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