Picking a Paint scheme

I'm trying to decide on a paint scheme for the Lord of Change. Here's a few examples

This one is displayed on the GW website. It's very clean and nice contrast in colors. I especially like the detail on the tips of the wings. The on;y reason why I don't want to paint it this scheme is that most of the LoC I see are this or a variation of it.

Two great examples from the CoolMiniOrNot.com gallery. Both of them are very creative and unique (which I think every painter aspires).

This one is a great model. I really like the bright colors of the wings and armor. The contrast against the skin is fantastic. This really makes the model "pop" and is the direction I'd like to go with my LoC.

This last one is from the cover of Wolf's Honor by Lee Lightner. The light colors and the bright metals look great for contrast. The color scheme in the background is what I plan to do for the base.

There you have it. I'm leaning towards the last one, but any input is appreciated :)

Lord of Change: Glued and ready for GS

I finally managed to get the LoC to stay together. All that remains is the easy (I hope) attachment of his left arm and gap filling.

As you can see the wings don't sit very well. I think they need to be pinned into place

Using a small carbide bit and dremel, I punched a hole through the wing. It was the perfect size for a brad or paper clip to slip through.

I marked the spot by "painting" the tip of the brad with a sharpie and pressing it against his shoulder. I then made a note of the angle and began to drill into the body.

The angle was pretty good, but the brad refused to stay in place. I switched to a paperclip and bent it to give it some tension and it held nicely.

The next day after work I drilled the other wing. This time it lined up better so the bard worked.

Satisfied with the results I re-glued the right arm (it pulled off slightly while the wing dried). As you can see from the first pic the model leans heavily on the right leg. Considering the weight of the model I may have to pin both legs to the base.

Here's a few examples of some of the gaps in the body. Most noticeably are the wings and how unstable they seat. Nothing a little Green stuff can't fix :)

My advice if you plan to pin a pewter model is let it cool if it gets too hot. At a few points I started melting the model when drilling which caused the bit to slip, lol. Aside from that make sure the bit is in pretty good shape otherwise it may seize up in the process.


Here's a few quick updates on what I've been working on recently. After a week or so I'll be taking a break from my army to focus on another commision for a friend. I haven't done one since The Eldar Avatar and Yarrick so it will be fun. :D

Added some detail to the Blood Thirster. I was trying some inking a little on his horns.

He needs work on the wings then final clean up and detailing. I'm looking forward to getting this one all done.

While waiting for the Blood Thirster to dry I go back to this guy and refine the details a little. I like his theme so far especially the definition on the torso.

A better view of the ribcage and highlighted foot. The biggest challenge will be the wings. I want them to look different than the other models to accentuate his uniqueness (as he is a named character). I'm thinking of a bat-leather type texture.

I've also been touching up the (remaining) Ultramarines. This Captain I started working on his banner. If I get the time I would like to paint the rest of my marines. The ten that I haven't sold I'm thinking of painting one from each of the major chapters like Space Wolves, Crimson Fist, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, etc..

Lord of Change: WIP

~~~ Lord please change this model to plastic ffs! ~~~

I'm kidding of course, but still pewter can be a righteous pain in the ass at times. Nothing is more frustrating then nearly completing a model only to have heavy parts (like wings) fall off lol. I guess it's my own fault for picking an army that's mostly pewter in the first place.

The model decided to stay together this time which will make filling the gaps with green stuff a lot easier. All that's left now are the wings and the left arm holding a stave.

The model comes with two different staves; the grinning face and the Moon symbol. I'm leaning towards the latter, especially since it weighs less.

By way of design or through mistake, the model is positioned leaning heavily on his left leg. Because of this I think it would look cool to have him attached at an angle leaning off some terrain slightly above the base. This probably sounds odd so I'll post a few pics later in the week to clarify.

Return of the Mac

It's been a while, I know, and I apologize. I've been so preoccupied with work over the holiday season that I have neglected a great many things. My resolution this year is to catch up with old and new friends, family, and focus on getting a new job. Don't get me wrong I'm happy to be employed, but this job is stressful with little job security. It would be nice to get involved in something I'm interested in like graphic arts. We shall see :)


Dear Games Workshop,

Please stop making pewter models. They suck ass!


Currently I'm working on a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch: Lord of Change. Man, this has to be the worst model ever created! Nothing fits properly. The wings aren't cooperating at all. It seems I'll have to break out the drill and start pinning this bad boy. Why did I buy it? Oh yeah, cause I'm stupid! Hah maybe, maybe not, still I'm trying to type with glue on my fingers. Harsh vapors burn my eyes. The model returns my gaze, clearly amused at my torment. Tzeentch why have you forsaken me?!

I apologize for the previous overly-dramatic paragraph. Those responsible have been killed. They spontaneously imploded after having to glue pewter models together!