Modding a ML

After recently purchasing a Valkyrie, the seller threw in an unassembled Sentinel free of charge. Score! Both models came new-on-sprue, with instructions, at less than helf retail price. If I wasn't a terrible dancer I would dance right now. Ahem, it was very cool of him to do that.

For starters the  armaments needed a little beefing up. I had the idea of running cables through the eye sockets of the skull emblem.

 A couple of guitar strings will do the trick

The normal mounting position is the hole below the cockpit, but I really wanted to try something different. I thought it would look cool with the weapon following the pilot's  line of sight.

 Pin in place and ready to glue. I also cut and refit the feet around the terrain chunks.

I was slightly concerned with the tension the strings/cables added on the weapon, but it held firm and adds a nice touch of detail.

To keep the cables tight a staple was added on the Missile Launcher. It was slightly tricky to keep in place, but that's probably because it was a last second addition.

A few more details were added like spikes and an impaled torso. I opted for the open canopy so the pilot would be more visible. The spikes are from old sprues I had lying around.

I'm satisfied with the results so far. All that's missing are more chaos-y bits (you can never have enough spikes). I haven't decided if (or how) claws will be added to the feet. They look cool on the drawing board, but I don't want the model looking too eclectic with pieces just strewn about.

More pics will be up later this week. Cya then!


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