Blood Angels Command Squad

I'm teaming up with a friend of mine for a 2v2 campaign. He plays Blood Angels which works great with my Khorne Daemons. We're thinking of the team name Blood Bath and Beyond lol. Fitting considering our armies are obsessed with the red stuff one way or another.

Seeing his army makes me want to play paint space marines again. I decided to convert the surviving members of the rag-tag marines into Blood Angels and sell them to my friend.


It's a pretty good deal for both of us since he gets fully painted Blood Angels with interchangeable weapons and I get the chance to paint them and earn some cash on the side.

I set out first on the Blood Angels Command Squad. The box set has some great options for weapon choices as well as much needed models for any Space Marines army. The thing that interested me the most were the options for heavy weapons such as the melta and plasma guns. Both are rare enough among SM players and it would be nice to swap them out on one model rather than trying to carve it into another one.

Originally I was going to magnetize the hands for the weapon swap. The problem is trying to seat the magnet properly. Luckily after a little manipulation both the plasma and melta guns fit nicely with just a pin in place.

The tricky part was lining up the left arm so it would hold both weapons. This guy came with two left hand grips which, I assume, the other was for the Bolter. I figured there's enough models out there with bolters (thanks to Black Reach) that this option wasn't necessary.

The Command squad is slowly getting there lol. As you probably noticed they were based different colors. I ran out of black so I switched to white instead. To be honest I prefer to base white if I can, but it tends to coat too "fuzzy" sometimes which makes priming smaller models a pain.

I use Krylon Flat white over their primer as it tends to coat a little better. One of these days I'll find the right white but until then I can settle with the $4 version lol.

Here's the Priest (Apothecary) almost done with the base coat. Now begins the slow process of layering thin coats of white. Once the white is finished 'll go back and clean up the seams with chaos black. The Armor is going to get a coat of watered down Blood Red followed by highlights with blazing orange. Still a lot to do but it will be worth it!

Blood for the Blood God Emperor!