Be'Lakor, The Dark Master

Today we went to the local gaming shop to pick up some paints. Since the owner was busy I decided to browse through his GW catalogs and something caught my eye. Be'Lakor, The Dark Master in the collectors section. I've seen this guy in a few battle reports before, but I assumed he was from another game (since I never saw him in any normal armies).

I asked him if he's seen this guy before and he said "Yeah, in fact I just ordered one and he's still sitting in the shipping box." After a few minutes of digging we found it. This must be fate!

Priming the Beast

The other day I picked up some Valejo green primer and thought I'd try it out on a beast of Nurgle.

I wasn't too sure of how this would look, but I figured if it was terrible I could always strip the model and start over.

A coat of Devlin Mud and I was satisfied with the green primer.

Next some Snakebite Leather dry brushing followed by brown ink in the recesses.

Added another wash of 25 Camo Green:25 Devlin Mud:50 Water. Made a nice slimy finish.

There you have it. I wasn't sure at first how this would look, but I think it will make a good green base color. Next up will be Epidemus and some Nurglings. :)

Bloodthirster: Fiery basing

The Bloodthirster has been a real pain in the ass!

Last week while glue was drying on the base he decided he wanted to "fly" and did a face plant on the floor, breaking off his arm (holding axe) and bending part of his left wing. To my amazement he was still attached to the base.

Then the other night over at Hoot's place I tried bending the wing a little to straighten it when it finally gave and snapped off his shoulder.


Luckily the Green stuff was an exact fit so it glued into place with little work. You're lucky you little bastard, otherwise I'd have to beat you for your defiance!

Anyway, I decided to use a quick basing technique I saw on forums. I like the idea of simplifying techniques for new painters so I thought I'd try it out too.

Primed Skull white

A heavy drybrush of Golden Yellow, followed by a lighter brushing of Blazing Orange

A lighter coat of blood red at the top.

Next a coat of Scorch Brown followed by Chaos black.

Refining the colors a little bit. I added more red and a little orange.

It looks pretty cool. I think I'll get the Blood Thirster table top then see how I like it. I figure I can tweak the colors if it ends up being too dark.

What do you think of this base? Comments are always appreciated :)

Nids/Nids vs IG/Necron

I had to work another weekend so I missed most of the gaming, but I did manage to get a few shots.

The aftermath of the 2v2 game. Nids barely pulled out a victory due to the Necrons phasing out. I heard the Command squads were nuked early on and prevented the IG soldiers from recieving commands.

Hoot's place

Over at Hoot's place the other night

I continued basing my bloodletters.

Meanwhile Hoot got busy on his Cadian Squad.

While trying to liberate a soldier's arm from his body, Hoot missed and speared his Xacto blade into his thumb.

Crunch purchased two Imperial terrain pieces.

He also got busy assembling his Necron Warriors

Bathed in.... mud?

The Bloodletters took a Devlin mud bath followed by some brown ink on the rocks. I'm satisfied with the results so far, especially with the Burgandy primer (considering it was an alternative color).

Kharnak is the first Pewter model I used this color on. I wasn't very pleased with the way it was turning out (pink meat), but after a wash of 50:50 Devlin mud/Badab black it's starting to look promising.

Battle Wagon

Here's a few pics of Crunch's Battle wagon.

After priming it black he did a light drybrush of TinBitz

After some Boltgun Metal and checkerboarding it was finished. Quick, easy, and looks cool :)

The Ultraaa Ork and DakkaAngel Ork lead the charge.

Video: RC models

You think your Land Raider is bad, check out what these guys did. Talk about taking the hobby to the next level lol.

RC landraider with working guns and lights

This next one is a regular sized LR with a tether

RC Baneblade with wirking turrets

Just in case you haven't seen it, here's the life size BR Rhino.

Crunch's Bastion

Our buddy Crunch is a master of woodwork. We often give him a hard time for his MacGyver like ability to craft things from scrap lumber, but that's another story. His new terrain project is a defensive bastion made from masonite. It's very solid and pretty light weight.

Check it out

Foam packaging from a computer box. The foam is dense enough for structures, yet soft enough to easily cut with a razor knife.

At 4 feet long it runs the length of the table.

The openings are just big enough for a Ork Battle Wagon to fit, though not a Bane Blade. I wonder if that was intentional?

His next step is a layer of drywall gap filler to add texture to the foam areas. From there he's going to give it a thin coat of textured spray paint. More pics next weekend (when I'm off call lol).


For no reason at all, here's a MacGyver clip.

Video: Making a Piranha Plant

Saw this on youtube recently. He did an awesome job on the detail. This model is for sale if you're interested

Author: Kalapusa
Auction: Realistic Piranha Plant Sculpture

Nurgle: Plague Grinder

Working on a wireframe of the PlagueGrinder. Currently he's atop a regular Soul Grinder's framework, but once this guy is done I'll start on his chassis. It will have larger back legs with smaller front ones (indicating his huge girth).

This model (torso) will also sit on a separate 60mm base to work as a Great Unclean One as well.

The Nurgle Plague Grinder faces an Ultra Marines Captain

Size Comparison; The PB is about the same height as a normal SG.


The Ultra Marines launch a counter attack

Bloodthirster: GS gap filling and Texturing

The Bloodthirster is primed and ready to go. You can see what a difference Green Stuff adds to the model. To get this effect I gradually worked the GS into the groves and textured using a wire brush. Simple, but very effective.

The Green Stuff will also help support the wings.

After priming you can't tell any work had been to it. That's the best effect!

Forge World Goodness

Mmmm... Forge World. Great models but a bit pricey. I often find myself digging through their site admiring their handiwork and wishing I had money to spend lol.

These are the models I would probably get (obviously all Chaos)

Great Unclean One
Price: £97.85 ($160.07 US)

Keeper of Secrets
Price: £83.20 ($136.11 US)

Blood Thirster
Price: £132.15 ($216.18 US)

Khorne Daemon Prince
Price: £43.06 ($70.44 US)

1 British pound = 1.6359 U.S. dollars and shiping cost is 15% of the order total. It's a pretty hefty fee for any model collector.Still very much worth it if you can afford it. I need to get a yard sale going when it gets nicer lol.

What I need to do is find a US vendor that stocks Forge World and order from them. Hopefully there will be some sort of price break from the MSRP because retail FW is just too rich for my blood.

The GODS Demand PAINT!

And they shall have paint!

Today started out pretty cold and nasty, lots of rain, then cleared up around noon. Maybe it was just a low pressure front from the pacific coast? Perhaps it's the Chaos Gods demanding that their followers get a fresh coat? It's not my place to question, but to paint!

Khorne Daemons

Grey for the Blood God? I don't think so

Soul Grinders

Two coats of Flat black.

I left the other top half of a grinder in the death forge (aka my desk). He's still being punished for stealing (and eating) my ham sandwich, and is being punished by getting a green stuff makeover.

Bloodletters and Hounds

After 3 light coats of Burgandy

Ready to go clubbin' um-cha-um-cha-um-cha....