BR: 8750 point escalaion game 4


The smell was palpable. The stench of burning flesh assaulted his nostrals. Inquisitor Lord Haeron never liked the smell as it usually meant failure of the faithful. He had investigated his fair share of battle grounds in his day, but never anything like this.

Bodies upon bodies stacked as tall as a two story building in the eye of a crater nearly half a mile long. From what he could make out it seemed several forces had fought over that location to the death. Looking through his auspex scanner he could make out symbols and markings of at least seven different forces. among the crystalized remains were hints of imperial and astrates forces as well as those of various xeno and chaos factions.

There was no possible way to inspect the bodies in the central mass without risking contamination. He had sent scouting vhicles to traverse the ravine, but all attempts to get close to the carnage failed. Once the victims got close enough their heads exploding in a violent cloud of red mist. The flesh and blood of the fallen scouts crystalized instantly and fell slowly into the deep chasm below. Whatever was out there would not be recovered by conventional means. The hair on his arms rose as he could feel the slight surge of arcane energies spewing from the warp.

He clicked on his comm link underneath his collar.

"This is Haeron to Emperor's Light, do you read?"
"Yes Lord Inquisitor, we are standing by"
"We return shortly. Stand by to execute Exterminatus. ETA 10 minutes."
He did not wait for a reply before cutting the comm link. Next to him, the Grey Knight Sargent Kevalis, looking in his direction. The Space Marine understood all too well what had transpired here. He nodded in silent agreement.
"This planet is lost to the taint of Chaos" the inquisitor said "We shall send the faithful to be at the Emperor's side. This incident must never be spoken of."
"Indeed, my Lord" The Grey Knight replied.

__________Last Man Standing__________

8750 points
1275 each
7 armies
To the Death

Game 4 of our Escalation Campaign had a unique twist. We decided to play a seven way death-match. We added in our friend's Raven Guard since this isn't a point based game.

Each player's turn rolled a D6 to determine which opponent they could attack. Clockwise 1 being his left and 6 being his right. He can then only shoot and assault that enemy. Any Assaults in progress involving his units are played as normal.

At the end of each turn the board drops off 5 inches from the deployment zone. Anything touching this is removed from the board. Units locked in melee continue normally despite the loss in numbers.

All of the HQs in the game are placed in the center. Their normal benefits apply, but they can neither attack or be attacked. Once a member of their army is in range of them (2 inches) they can be pulled out of the safe zone and into combat.

The entire army must remain in unit cohesion until the HQ is retrieved. Once that happens they act normally (as leadership has been restored).

A look at how the deployment was set up.

7 armies but only one would survive.

Here is half way through turn one. The IG took down a Raven Guard Rhino as the other forces moved towards their leaders.

The Blood Angels make their move. Roll a 6 they get the Nurgle Daemons as their target They manage to drop a Daemon prince and some Plague Bearers, but not before the Daemons take a few kills with them.

The Tally of Pestilence moves to 5, allowing Bearers to wound on a 3+

The beginning of turn two (about 1 1/2 hours later) lol. The Orks took out the Necron Destroyers. Things star getting cramped as more forces move towards the middle.

The Imperial Guard roll Daemons (WTF!) and drop some ordinance in their direction. Nurgle giggles as his followers avoid taking damage.

The Black Legion get the IG as their target. The evil commanders enter the battlefield and
do some damage destroying a Valkyrie, Heavy Weapons team, and some of the commander's retinue.

Now the Raven Guard react. Guess what, they roll a 1 and get Daemons (WTF!!) The Vindicator opens up on the Nurgling causing 4 wounds to the little bastards. In a bold move worthy of their legacy, Shrike leads the charge into assault.

The SternGuard lose two to a squad of plague bearers. Meanwhile Shrike assaults a near death Daemon Prince with his honor guard, but the deamon refuses to fall.

The Tally of Pestilence increases granting all followers of Nurgle Noxious Touch (wound on 2+)

Things get grim as many of the Guardsmen fall to the abyss. The IG get the Necron as their target and open up on the warriors.

Abaddon and his followers get to attack the Raven Guard. He manages to kill most of the marines and disable the main cannon of the Vindicator.

Moving forward a little bit, the Daemons retaliate against the remaining Raven Guard and add to the Tally once again. Amazingly, with one wound since round one, the Daemon prince finishes Shrike and his honor guard.

With nearly 20 deaths to the tally, all the nurgle forces with Feel No Pain roll a +3 making them harder to kill.

As the battle continued on the forces slowly started to diminsh until all that was left were the strongest of each army.

The Raven Guard were the first to fall as the Vindicator finally blew apart. Next came the Necron as Epidemus and his followers faorced the machines to faze out.

The Orks were down to the last Def Dread. The Daemon Prince with the single wound for most of the game finally fell as did the great Unclean one (I forgot he had 5 wounds but he was done I'm sure) leaving Epidemus and most of the Nurglings. The Def Dread charged the last of the nurgle forces. Unable to retaliate against the walking scrap heap Epidemus fell leaving the nurglings to fend for themselves.

Surviving most of the carnage Abaddon and his forces cleaned up what was left of the remaining forces and disappeared into the warp. No one survived to tell the tale of what transpired.


A long battle indeed. It started about 2pm and ended at 9pm, lol. Needless to say we were all done playing for the day, but it was a fun experience. Everyone survived to the very end which is always cool.

The randomness of who you attack and the table dropping made the battle a bit more random. The smaller armies had the advantage in later rounds as they could avoid more casualties from the natural disaster.

Daemon of the Game: would have to be the Daemon Prince that survived the entire game with 1 wound left. The three he took early on were from IG shooting. He managed to take out Shrike, his Honor Guard, a squad of thousand sons and (then some), and most of the remaining Necron warriors. This was mostly due to the Tally of Pestilence strengthening the nurgle forces.

There is one game left in the campaign. It's a 1v1 1500 point game. The last army to face will be the Necron. Commander Kyle surprised me before as I lost to him @ 750. I underestimated the strength of his Necron and it cost me a tie by 5 points! Now it's payback and with the Tally of Pestilence the Nurgle stand a much better chance at victory.

Buh-bai Ultra Smurfs :(

It's a sad day for the Ultra Marines. The last of my remaining forces have been reassigned to the Blood Angels. I recently sold them to "Commander Mike" who will turn them into Death Company. I kept them as they were my first army, but alas the time has come to strip the paint and start fresh.

One last look before they hit the dip tank. Goodbye my brothers, you won't be forgotten (especially your losing streak).

New Daemons in August? Time to save!

Sunday night, about 1130pm, I recieved a nice surprise! I was winding down doing the normal winding down stuff like drinking Red Bull and doing push-ups when I decided to check my mail. Games Workshop sent out a news letter stating "Demons in August, give us all your money!" Who am I to refuse such a profound statement? New Chaos Daemons coming in August? I guess I'll push back my Warstore order.

My Blood Crushers are primed and ready for painting. I only have the three so far, but I'll have to put off getting any more until GW reveals what the new models are. Plastic Blood Crushers would be amazing, but I doubt it. Rumors say a plastic Daemon Prince and troop choices are coming. Meh, who can say what comes out, but if they do put out any pewter replacements I'd be happy. Once they release the models I'll have to put in my order which will probably complete the Daemons army (lol yeah right).

BIG Daemon Prince WiP: pt 3

Here are a few more pics of the big beast!

I put a generous amount of Scorched Earth on the darker green areas of the armor. The spikes on the shoulder were also dry brushed with the same color.

I went over the skin with a little bit of bealched Bone followed by Desert Yellow. This gave it a little more of a diseased look. Once that dried I mixed 2:1 Gloss Medium with Scorpion Green and went over the skin and armor.

Once everything dried again I added a little skull white to the mix to lighten up the green areas. You can see this on the tips of the claw above.

The shoulder armor was dotted with the 2:1 mix a few coats. I then went over the hard lines with the lighter 4:2:1 (Gloss Medium:Scorpion Green:Skull White)

Aside from the wings, all that's left is the base and lower legs. The banner hanging down I decided to paint as rotting flesh instead of cloth. I think blending it from the current skin tones to a dark brown would draw attention to it and off set a lot of the green a little.

The base itself I might change to lava. originally I was going to make it look like toxic waste, but now having more green might drown the model out too much. The lava might be a nice offset the other colors.

BIG Daemon Prince WiP: pt 2


Here's a size comparison next to the Blood Thirster. As you can see he's HUGE lol. I plan on using him as an Apocalypse HQ in the future, but for now he'll fill the role of Daemon Prince

The Daemon Prince stands a little over 6 inches w/o wings and about 11 inches with them on. So much for hiding out of Line of Sight, lol.


The skin I used GW Tallarn Flesh foundation, the red areas are Mechrite Red foundation, Catachan on the green spots, and Kommando Khaki on the bone and claw areas.

The gold areas started out with a few coats of burnished Gold. I put on a few thin coats to get it to cover evenly. Normally I'd undercoat it with a brown or similar color, but it's not too important since most of it will be covered up.


The skin I washed with Ogryn Flesh. Once that started to dry I applied Baal red over the exposed red areas, letting a little run over onto the skin to make it blend a little.

The rest of the model I washed with good ol' Devlin mud. The "ooze" on the base was given a light coat of Dark Angels Green which bled onto the rock (bark area) which was based Codex Grey. Once that dried I did over the base and metal areas again with Devlin Mud.


I started out by dabbing boltgun metal on all the golden areas. Once that dried I applied a thin amount of Scorched Earth on all the metal areas to give it a more tarnished look.

Scorched Earth was also applied on the edges where the torn flesh areas meet. This gives the illusion of blood clotting.

The chaos piece on his back armor plate shows how the tarnished look is turning out. The brown really adds a nice muted tone to the metal making it look worn down.

Right now he looks far too healthy to be an engine of pestilence and decay. Since he is a Nurgle Daemon Prince, he will soon get a nasty skin overhaul. All the skin areas will get a light green and yellow tint using glazes. The claws I plan to have bright green tips to represent noxious touch.

The tabbard hanging down, originally, was going to be painted a whitish/yellow color with the death guard symbol. I later decided I'm going to paint it flash colors as well, but have it blend to the tip to look more like dead skin. The Nurgle symbol I will try to make it look like it's been stitched on.