Attack of the RED HATs!

More pics of the Renegade IG army. This time it's of the first batch of troops to test the paint scheme.

The bodies are from a set of troopers I got a few years back. One model was chopped up to later be used as an objective marker. That project, however, was put on hold since it didn't work the way I hoped. The other four troopers I used for testing paint schemes.

Now that the Renegade project is going, nearly anything that isn't nailed down is going into this project lol. My primary goal is to build the army as creatively and inexpensive as possible. Troops, like the ones above, are fairly easy to come by. A lot of times people will disregard a model because it has a really rough looking paintjob or some wear-n-tea. Armor, like a Basilisk or Valkyrie, can be quite expensive especially when armies require lots of them.

Fortunately there's eBay and I've had some luck finding good deals. I managed to grab a few Leman Russ tanks, a Valkyrie, and a Baneblade all at good prices. With any luck I'll be able to fill in some more gaps in the list without paying too much  :)

Traitor IG

Work continues on the Renegade IG army.

I was a bit reserved on creating this army, mostly due to the fact that GW keeps raising prices so often. Thanks to eBay, however, and some *cough* bartering with my FLGS, I was able to obtain a few good deals and get the army started.

The model is from the Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers set (the Hero). He is a cool model, but needed some modifications to make him a bit more ...chaos-y. Both arms were removed and replaced with a power fist and a CSM plasma gun. I don't know why I added the plasma gun. It was the only gun that looked cool so I'm going to make it work. The head was also upgraded to a cool gas mask with officer's hat (I can't remember where it's from though). Plasticard was used to make the claws, though I don't see them lasting very long without a lot of modification.

I have a lot more plastic and pewter staring back at me demanding more attention. Who am I to deny the Chaos Gods?  :P

More pics to come including the Penal Legion Mutants. Cya then!