Plague Bearers Conversion pt I

Looking over my army I realized I am lacking in troop choices. I have plenty of Blood Letters (thanks to them being plastic now) but I only had 5 of the other types. At the price of $25-30 for 5 models (ouch) and the fact that you need to field lots and lots to be effective I decided to find a cheaper alternative (not to mention an excuse to tear something apart WOOT).

After digging through various catalogs I came to find the Vampire Count's Zombie Horde set; 20 models for $30. Best of all, they're all plastic! I went to my local game store and to my surprise they had one box left (though I'm sure he's lying as usual but meh...the tangled webs we weave). Anyway, I got to work right away with the new vigor of having something to kit bash! Plastic for the Plastic God!

Plague Bearers need to have two things
  • Cyclops - they all (usually) have just one eye @__x
  • headgear - No I'm not talking about the wrestling kind...more of a slimy horn sticking out of their heads.
With that in mind I got to work...

One thing I needed was more swords. I took the three scythes that came in the box and removed the blades. The left hands had a good hilt on the instrument hands, so I cut and pinned them in place.

So far so good. They have other weapons available like bones clubs, but I wanted to keep it WYSIWYG. The guy on the left has both a Plague sword and instrument of chaos now (notice the foot he's holding haha).

Next I drilled a small pilot hole in each of their mugs...

...and gave them a brass rod lobotomy. I was tempted to keep it this length, but it might make fielding a hassle.

Next step I wanted to try some cheap texturing. Sure, you can Green Stuff, but I wanted something faster and easier than that. It would defeat the purpose of making a cheap model if you have to invest more expensive materials.

I broke out the hot glue gun and gave the test model a glue bath.

It turned out pretty neat so far. The only question is if I'll be able to add detail to the glue areas or not.

The green models are the original Pewter models. Five of those are the same price as twenty of the ones I made. Not a bad deal!

I like 'em so far. I'll have more pics up pretty soon.


theHman said...

Good thinking there.
Can't wait to see 'em all painted up.

Something else you might try to give the minis some bulk is expanding foam.
Spray a teeny tiny bit on a tile, let it expand then use a toothpick to put it on the mini wherever you want to bulk it out (like the belly area).

Just a thought, but I like what you've done.

Chi3f said...

Thanks man

I agree with you 100%, they def. need more bulk to them. That's a good idea I'll have to try it :)

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